Cari Jones, Elephant Creative Co.

Tell us about your company

I started Elephant Creative Co. in February of 2016.  My experiences working in large firms and for in-house corporate marketing teams always left me feeling like there was so much lost in the communication between account executives and the artists that were making ideas come to life.  I knew I could do it better by building a small company focused on communication first and educating clients on best practices for advertising, design, and branding before the creative process even begins.

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO? 

I originally heard of NAWBO from the SBDC but I started hearing more about it from successful women and thought I would check it out. 

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Elephant offers NAWBO members quality graphic design, advertising and brand development services at a discount. We will proudly take 15% off all services for fellow NAWBO members who use Elephant for their design or branding needs. 

Best Practice Advice:

I learned early on that I can’t put myself at the center of every process or I will never get to focus on the client-facing tasks. I still struggle with this, but I’ve learned that prioritizing what is important and asking for assistance for the little tasks helps keep clients happy and restores balance in my day to day business life.