Darla King, President /Owner of King Business Interiors, Inc.

Tell us about your company:

We are a commercial Furniture, Flooring and Storage company serving the Central Ohio Area and Nationally as requested by our clients.

We offer interior design space planning, project management, furniture installation, and so much more!  King currently has 70 employees and we work in teams to support our customer’s needs.

Our core values are:
“We are a dedicated team, who respect each other, working with a  positive attitude to always to do the right thing by keeping our Customers First!”

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO:

Women help women naturally and what better place to be than with our peers for support and comradery.   All women business owners should belong to NAWBO!  They just need to find their value in some way or another.  Roundtables are the key to the success of peer to peer support. I rejoined many years ago because of the $1M round tables and I believe we should not limit it to that amount.  Let’s take it to $20 Million and beyond. 

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

We certainly offer all of our services to NAWBO members at any stage in their business growth.  We have offered our showroom, our conference rooms, and even our Studio downtown to any member for no fee. 

What is the one best practice you’ve learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

The key to happy customers is happy employees that represent your company well.  We understand all of our employees have families and outside interests.  The best book I ever read as a business owner was “ Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly.  It put the employee and employer relationship in perspective for me.  We like to say “don’t miss a ballgame!”  take off when you need to for kids or pets or a vacation.  The work will be here when you get back and believe me it comes back tenfold.  Life is too short.  Enjoy what you do and the environment around you can impact your happiness.  Our tagline is “Love where you Work”.

Melissa Mercer, President and Founder at Buckeye Bookkeeping Services, LLC

Tell us about your company:

I formed Buckeye Bookkeeping Services in March 2016 from an interest in accounting acquired after serving as treasurer for several non-profit organizations. I earned my Professional Bookkeeper designation that same year. I followed shortly thereafter with achieving the Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor status with Intuit. I transitioned from a sole proprietor to an LLC and have grown the company to a team of three, most recently adding an intern from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Buckeye Bookkeeping Services is a full charge bookkeeping company located in Delaware, Ohio. We are passionate about working with business owners and not-for-profit leadership to maintain accurate and informative financials and to bring a level of value that supports the vision of the organization.

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO:

Buckeye Bookkeeping Services has formed a number of partnerships with businesses and not-for-profits in the Central Ohio area, some of whose owners and leaders are currently involved with NAWBO. When the organization advertised for a corporate sponsor to fill the role they were seeking, it seemed like an opportune time to get involved! With the expertise and experience that we have, we knew we could bring value to the Executive Director and Board of Directors to provide continuity as well as to support the transitional change in the volunteers that serve the organization.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Buckeye Bookkeeping Services, LLC offers full charge bookkeeping services that range from after-the-fact (write-up) services to full cycle/real-time bookkeeping and accounting support. We customize our services to meet the needs of our clients and go the extra mile to assure that we are solving “points of pain” for our clients when it comes to the accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities of running a business.

We provide accurate, timely and informative financial statements from which our clients can make sound business decisions.

What is the one best practice you’ve learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

Buckeye Bookkeeping Services, LLC strives to be communicative and responsive to our clients so that expectations can be established and met with a high degree of satisfaction. We have implemented routine processing schedules that function to support the expectations for both our client and BBS. We take a proactive approach to the services that we provide so that our clients have the assurance that their needs are being met and that emergency situations are minimized.

Cheryl’s Cookies

Tell us about your company

Founded in 1981, Cheryl’s Cookies has quickly grown a loyal customer following for its quality fresh-baked desserts using only the finest ingredients, including individually wrapped cookies, brownies, and cakes. Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, Cheryl’s Cookies is well-known for its cut-out cookies with buttercream frosting and its selection of specially designed, hand-crafted baked goods for everyday and special occasion gifting. Offerings may be found at and in retail stores in Ohio. 

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO? 

Cheryl’s Cookies has a long history of supporting women-owned businesses, as it actually started out as a woman-owned business itself. The company’s founder, Cheryl Krueger, helped start the NAWBO chapter in Columbus, OH and thought it would be a great way for Cheryl's to connect with businesses and assist them with their gifting needs. Since then, we've worked closely with NAWBO members to help them find ways to express, connect and celebrate.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Cheryl’s Cookies works with NAWBO’s members through its Business Gifts Services (BGS) group.  Whether for customer appreciation, employee recognition, birthdays, new baby, sympathy, get well or just because the BGS team is committed to helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect gift for every occasion and need.  For more information on Cheryl’s Business Gift Services, and to find out how a program can be specially tailored for your business, please call 1-800-433-1787

Best Practice Advice:

In working with NAWBO members to help them select the appropriate items for their gifting needs, it's all about creating individualized programs.  The BGS team enjoys working collaboratively with members to explore the possibilities and specific goals of each business. Each NAWBO member has a unique perspective on what message they want to deliver and which gifts best represent the sentiment they which to express.